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How to choose a concrete mixer

  When choosing a concrete mixer,the following points should be clarified:

  1. Mixing materials:There are various types of mixers,so preliminary screening should be carried out from the materials.

    How to choose a concrete mixer

  【1】The difference between materials:dry powder,liquid,solid mixing

  2.Mixer performance:The speed of the mixing host affects the efficiency of the entire production capacity.

  3.The length of the construction period:the demand for concrete in the construction project and the length of the construction period.

  4.Control system of mixing station:choose equipment that is easy to operate,and the work progress will not be affected by cumbersome procedures during the operation.

  When choosing a mixing host,choose a concrete production line with stable production efficiency and high cost performance,which is not only suitable for commercial concrete mixing plants,but also for ordinary mixing plants.

  Truemax's concrete batching plant is an automated concrete batching plant that can produce multiple concrete products,which can meet the concrete supply of various engineering projects.

  If you have concrete mixing plant needs,you can contact our customer service directly.We will provide you with the mixing station that suits you.