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How to choose a concrete mixer

When choosing a concrete mixer,the following points should be clarified:Mixing materials:There are various types of mixers,so preliminary screening should be ca···...

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Parts of Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pumping consists of hopper,pumping system,hydraulic system,electrical system,and walking chassis.1.The pumping mechanism is composed of the main cylind···...

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Advantages of Concrete Boom Pump Truck

Concrete boom pump trucks have more advantages than trailer pumps and truck-mounted pumps.Pump trucks can transport concrete over long distances.The concrete bo···...

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How to choose the model of concrete hydraulic placing machine

The model of the concrete placing machine is selected according to the project conditions.Model of placing machine:(Concrete radius pouring area/m:13 meters,17 ···...

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how to prevent the pipe blockage of truck-mounted boom pump

Anti the pipe blockage of concrete truck-mounted boom pump you need to do the following:1.The project will be planned and designed before construction.When inst···...

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