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Types of concrete delivery pumps

The concrete delivery pump is an indispensable mechanical equipment in construction. It uses a delivery cylinder (similar to a needle tube) to pump concrete to the corresponding position through the delivery pipe through suction and driving force. There are two types of concrete delivery pumps:

Concrete trailer pumps (concrete floor pumps) and truck-mounted transfer pumps.

trailer concrete pump

As shown in the picture: it is one of the ground pumps of concrete delivery pumps. It is a concrete mechanical equipment that can only be moved by traction. It occupies a small area and has strong applicability. It is an indispensable delivery equipment for most construction projects. 

truck mounted line pump

As shown in the figure: it is a vehicle-mounted delivery pump, and the ground pump is fixed on the chassis, so that the chassis of the car is equipped with a walking power system and is easy to move.

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Truck mounted line pump

Stationary concrete pump